LNG Barge Design Of Q-lng Company Approved By USCG

- Mar 27, 2020-

Quality qualified natural gas transport (q-lng), a subsidiary of Harvey Gulf, has been approved by the US Coast Guard (USCG) for design basis acceptance and supervision. Its existing design can be used for the construction of two different ship types.

According to q-lng, the company's 4000 cubic meters ATB design will be used to build a 5400 cubic meters and an 8000 cubic meters articulated tugboat (ATB), which is currently under construction at VT Halter shipyard in the United States.

Shane Guidry, chief executive of Harvey golf, said, "the new project will use a large number of design and engineering details to apply all the lessons learned and efficiency from the 4000 cubic meters ATB, closely reflecting the ships currently under construction. Q-lng will be able to deliver the follow-up design at a competitive price in a short time. "

The approval of the U.S. Coast Guard's design basis letter (DBL) represents the continuation of q-lng's commitment to developing LNG fueling infrastructure in North America. Q-lng will own and operate these assets to further provide maritime transportation of LNG to ports along the Atlantic coast, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, which is an important part of the US LNG infrastructure.

At present, q-lng has signed a contract with VT Halter shipyard to build the first U.S. offshore LNG ATB, which is designed to transport 4000 cubic meters of LNG in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. flag, American Bureau of shipping and international natural gas carrier code.