Keppel Names The First Double Fuel Tug In Southeast Asia

- Apr 28, 2018-

Singapore's Keppel Group's subsidiary Keppel Landmark recently held the naming ceremony for LNG power tug “KST Liberty”, Singapore’s first LNG powerboat and the first dual-fuel LNG power tug in Southeast Asia.


Keppelin New Manly stated that the ship will soon be delivered to ship owner Keppel Smit Towage with a perfect safety record, which is one of a series of seven twin fuel vessels under construction. welding overlay flange


Loh Ngai Seng, General Secretary of the Singapore Department of Transportation, said at the ceremony that “the tug named today is a milestone for Singapore’s port to raise LNG fuel in early 2020, congratulating us on building Singapore’s first LNG power boat.” 90 deg elbow


The new tugboat with a column pull of 65 tons is an ASD tugboat. With Keppel’s patented design, it won the Outstanding Ship R&D and Technology Award at the Singapore International Maritime Awards 2015. The LNG fuel on board was stored on the main deck. Containerized Type C ISO certified fuel tanks. seamless elbow


Shell will supply LNG fuel to the vessel, while FueLNG, a joint venture between Shell and Keppel, will provide fuel for the vessel.