Kawasaki Steamship Nippon Post Proposed To Cooperate With Japan's LNG Refueling Business

- Jan 30, 2018-

Japanese shipping company Kawasaki Steamboat and Nippon Yusen Co., Ltd. have partnered with two Japanese companies to conduct a joint discussion on LNG refueling operations in Japan.


According to the sources, Kawasaki Steamboat, Nippon Yusen, Japan Chubu Electric Power Company and Toyota Tsusho Corporation sought to commercialize LNG refueling operations and provide LNG fuel to vessels operating at sea in central Japan. glenflange


The four companies will discuss specific LNG refilling clients and provide solutions for the commercialization of LNG refilling operations.


The news said Kawasaki Steamboat and Japan Post expected the LNG will be an important alternative fuel for heavy fuel oil, so started the talks. Using LNG reduces the emissions of sulfur oxides and particulate matter by 100% compared to heavy oil, while reducing nitrogen oxide emissions by 80% and carbon dioxide emissions by about 30%. At the same time, LNG powered vessels also meet the increasingly stringent international emission regulations. glenflange