JMU Receives A VLCC Order From A Japanese Ship Owner

- Mar 28, 2018-

On March 21st, Japanese ship owner JX Ocean ordered a 300,000 DWT VLCC under the Japan Shipbuilding Association (JMU), and the new ship will be delivered by 2020.


This is the second VLCC jointly contracted by JX Ocean in Japan Shipbuilding. The first 312,000 DWT VLCC will be delivered in November this year.welding overlay


Currently, JX Ocean's fleet operates a total of 55 ships, including six VLCCs. In addition to orders from Japan Shipbuilding, JX Ocean also has two tankers at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Neihai Shipbuilding.


Not long ago, the Kuwait Tanker Company (KOTC) ordered a 318,000 DWT VLCC under the barge heavy industry, the price is about 7970 million US dollars, setting a new low VLCC cost.duplex steel elbow