Jensen Receives US Naval New Ship Design Order

- Feb 12, 2018-

Jensen Ship Consulting, a division of Crowley, announced that one of its workboat designs has been selected by a boat builder in the Pacific Northwest for a U.S. Navy military ship construction project.


To support this project, Jensen will supply a functional and normative design package designed with a new 41-foot captain capable of providing a variety of marine and subsea support services and other port operations.


Bryan Nichols, Jensen's president of business development, said: "We work closely with shipbuilders to ensure the most efficient construction of a new boat, which will be a well equipped and maneuvering boat when completed."


Following the delivery of the new 22,000-pound bollard workboat in the fall of 2018, the U.S. Navy will deploy the vessel globally to assist in the operation of barges, submarines and other military vessels, to tow or promote floating-port operations support equipment .


To do this, the Jensen-designed ship will be equipped with two Pullmaster hydraulic deck winches for a variety of mooring configurations and heavy duty protection. The onboard propulsion system includes two ZF W325 marine gearboxes and an inboard diesel engine - two Cummins (ship hangar) QSM11-455 engines with 450 horsepower and 2100 rpm.


The workboat also offers a complete air conditioning system with a payload of 3,100 pounds. The crew of the ship has a nominal crew of 5 and is equipped with a lifeboat of 6 persons. The vessel is designed to meet the U.S. Ship and Yacht Council standards and meets the U.S. Navy's stability requirements, including the stability of the damage.