Japanese Shipbuilders Join Forces To Build LNG-powered Super-panama Bulk Carriers

- Apr 18, 2018-

NYK and Oshima Shipbuilding will cooperate in the design and construction of a LNG-powered super-panama bulk carrier.90 elbow LR


This research and development program has been approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan (MLIT) as part of the introduction of cutting-edge marine and environmentally friendly propulsion fuel activities that use the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve safety90 elbow LR and efficiency.


Japan Post said that the approval of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will accelerate the practical application of the plan. The development plan of Nippon Yusen and Oshima Shipbuilding will take four years. The purpose of both parties is to develop a vessel that can greatly reduce the environmental impact. The design aims to minimize cargo space loss by optimizing the LNG fuel tank and accommodation arrangements. .


In addition, by optimizing the armoring and piping systems, the construction time of LNG powered bulk carriers is expected to decrease by 20%.90 elbow LR At present, the construction of LNG power boats usually spends more time than other ship types.


According to Nippon Yusen, the goal is to make the new ship surpass 30% of the 2025 ship's energy efficiency design index (EEDI). Nippon Post said that recently, newly designed ships have been able to reach a level of 20% to 30% higher than EEDI.90 elbow LR However, in some cases, it is difficult for the Super-Panamax bulk carrier to significantly increase energy efficiency; using environmentally friendly LNG fuels. Can reduce emissions before the rules come into effect.