Japan's Mail Carrier And Norway's Government Develop Ship Network Risk Management System

- Dec 02, 2019-

Recently, NYK and dualog, an advanced innovator of maritime it, jointly announced that a new project for the development of ship network risk management system will receive two years' support from Norwegian Innovation Agency, a Norwegian government fund.


According to the latest development of information and communication technology, ships maintain the connection with the Internet and continuously share data between ships and the coast. Use IOT to monitor ship data on shore and distribute electronic chart data from shore. Despite these benefits, there is still a risk of cyber threats, such as being infected with malware.

With this in mind, the IMO Maritime Safety Committee, at its 98th session (msc98), approved guidelines on maritime safety risk management in June 2017. The committee recommends the inclusion of cyber risk management provisions in the safety management systems of shipowners and ship management companies.

In 2017, NYK entered into a strategic partnership with dualog and has been developing data sharing between ships and shore, which is the strength of dualog. In fact, the two companies have launched a new cepashield project focusing on network security. (CEPA is the onion in Latin.)

The network risk management system developed by the cepashield project will be able to be applied to all ships operated by NYK and will provide multi-layer risk management.

When cyber attacks come from outside, these functions can help NYK master the attack resistance of each ship from the shore. NYK can then remain alert to any vessel that is under concentrated attack and needs immediate protection.

Over the next two years, with financial support from the Norwegian Innovation Agency, the project will be tested on 50 ships operated by NYK.

On November 21, a media event was held at the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo.

NYK group's goal is to create new value through digitalization, and strive to further improve transport safety, efficiency and international competitiveness in accordance with the company's medium-term management plan of "leading development in 2022 through digitalization and green".

Dualog, founded in 1994 and headquartered in Troms ø, Norway, provides an offshore digital platform that ensures that Internet, email and cloud services work reliably and safely on board. The company enables and optimizes all it services and tools needed to effectively manage ships. Worldwide, dualog's IT solutions have been installed on more than 3000 ships.

Norwegian Innovation Agency

The Norwegian Innovation Agency is a tool of the Norwegian government for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industries. The organization supports the company in developing its competitive advantage in domestic and foreign markets.