Japan Reported That North Korea's Oil Tankers Were Suspected Of Delivering The Ship To The International Sea Waters

- Jan 26, 2018-

According to Japanese media sources, the Japanese Foreign Ministry announced on the 24th that it found a North Korean tankers aboard a Dominican tankers on the high seas of the East China Sea on the early morning of the 20th. Japan has notified the United Nations. Japan believes that there is strong suspicion of the transfer of goods in violation of the UN Security Council sanctions against the DPRK.


According to the sources, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force P-3C patrol aircraft took pictures of the Rye Song Gang 1 and the Yuk Tung oil tankers on the high seas of the East China Sea at night and photographed them. The Japanese Foreign Ministry said that the two ships were porting at night, and from the perspective of opening the deck, the two sides were likely to carry supplies. The Japanese government has comprehensively judged that it is suspected of being smuggled by sea at sea, violating the UN Security Council's economic sanctions on North Korea. The Japanese government will brief the UN Security Council sanctions Committee and provide the intelligence to the relevant countries. glenflange


According to Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defense, although it was not clear that one ship was transferring materials to another, it was confirmed that the two vessels had been working together with the light to illuminate a certain operation before dawn. From the perspective of both tankers, the transfer of oil may be under way.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the UN Security Council sanctions Committee last December for Rye Song Gang 1 had been involved in the delivery of embargoed goods, listed as a member of the ban on the port of call the ship, the Japanese government found the name of the ship changed to Song Hae Disguise. glenflange


Asahi Shimbun quoted an unnamed Ministry of Foreign Affairs official as thinking that the two sides are likely to trade oil products and can not rule out the possibility that oil tankers owned by Dominican nationals will belong to Chinese mainland enterprises. The Japanese government will be concerned about the countries that own the Dominican tankers, including mainland China.


It is reported that Rye Song Gang 1 round 1757 gross tonnage, completed in 1974, the owner is the North Korean trading company Kumbyol Trading Co. According to Marine Traffic data, the ship once sent its AIS positioning signal via AIS in early June 2017. Yuk Tung is 20,200 tonnes, completed in 1994 and is owned by Singaporean company Yuk Tung Energy Pte. Ltd., operated by Crossmix Global Pte., Which is also a trading company headquartered in Singapore. The two companies have the same registered address. The vessel once sent its positioning signal via AIS was off-shore in Taiwan on January 2 this year.glenflange