Japan ONE Began To Accept The Shipping Service Booking

- Feb 02, 2018-

Japan Network Express Corporation Ocean Network Express (ONE) recently announced that it will begin from February 1, 2018 to accept the shipping service booking. glenflange


The new shipping company, which was established by the shipping companies Kawasaki, Mitsui and Nippon Yusen, will open on April 1, 2018. With the launch of ONE's commercial business, Japan's consolidation business will see the simultaneous operation of ONE, Kawasaki, Mitsui and Nippon Yusen while the latter three existing shipping companies completely terminate their operations.


In January 2018 Kawasaki Steamer, MOL Mitsui and Nippon Yusen won all the necessary merger approvals from the local competition authorities to complete the consolidation of the consolidation operations. Established in July 2017, the newly established Forwarding Company, ONE, brings together the shipping and terminal operations of the three shipping companies to operate a container fleet of 1.4 million TEU, accounting for about one-seventh of the global market share, Ranked sixth in the shipping market.glenflanges


Of these, Kawasaki Steamship and MOL Mitsui held 31% of ONE respectively and the remaining 38% were held by Nippon Yusen.