January 2018 Global Shipbuilding Monthly

- Feb 28, 2018-

The world's new sign 85 orders

According to Clarkson latest statistics, in January 2018 the world signed 85 new orders, a total of 2867697CGT. Compared with the total of 143 newly signed orders in December 2017 of 3222360 CGS, the number of vessels decreased by 58 vessels, and the revised gross tonnage was down 11.01% qoq. Compared with 90 new orders signed in January 2017 in the world, totaling 1,050,498 CGTs, the number decreased by 5 vessels year-on-year, while the revised gross tonnage rose by 172.98% YoY. glenflange


From the ship point of view, the bulk carrier 30, a total of 6178600 dwt; 9 oil tankers, a total of 1089300 dwt; 3 chemical carriers, a total of 149999 dwt; 22 container vessels, a total of 150000 TEUs; liquefied gas ship 11 Ship, a total of 1.29 million cubic meters; 4 marine vessels, a total of 76045CGT; other ships 6, a total of 270,385 CGT. In terms of order types, bulk carriers newly signed 10 VLOCs, 12 Capesize bulk carriers, 2 Kamsar bulk carriers, 3 handymax bulk carriers and 3 handymax bulk carriers ; The tanker newly signed 3 VLCCs and 6 handysize vessels; the container ships newly signed 12 super Panamax container ships, 2 sub-Panamax container ships and 8 handy-sized container ships.glenflange


According to the ship-receiving countries, 85 new orders for new ships in the world in January totaled 2867697 CGTs, of which 43 were Chinese shipyards, totaling 1.2329 million CGTs; 20 were received by Japanese shipyards, totaling 720,800 CGTs; and the South Korean shipyard received 17 Ship, a total of 661,600 CGT. The revised gross tonnage accounted for 42.99%, 25.14% and 23.07% respectively of the orders for new vessels worldwide.