Jacques LNG Insulation Insulation Panels GTT Certification

- Jan 22, 2018-

Jacquard Technology Co., Ltd. has developed NO96-L-03 + LNG carrier tanker enveloping system reinforced polyurethane insulation board recently won the French GTT company certification, becoming the first domestic product through the French GTT patent certification company .


At present, the LNG carrier liquid cargo containment system is shifting from the traditional GTT-NO96 to NO96-L-03 +, MARK-Ⅲ and MARK-Ⅲ Flex due to the increasing concern of shipowners to reduce the evaporation rate of LNG carrier to reduce the transport loss And other new structures, thermal insulation materials are also transitioned from insulated boxes filled with expanded perlite to glass fiber reinforced polyurethane sheets, a new type of film containment system with reinforced polyurethane sheets can more easily meet this requirement.GLENFLANGE


GTT patented company is the world's leading LNG carrier design and certification of key materials agencies in the product processing accuracy and quality standards are very high, and to obtain product certification is the domestic material into the global LNG carrier industrial chain of the necessary conditions. After more than 4 years of research and development and construction, the company has achieved sales on the basis of foam board sales. The acquisition of this certification marks that the company's sheet products with higher added value have also reached sales conditions. It is estimated that sales revenue will be realized in 2018 Under the common promotion of various kinds of demands, the market prospect in the future can be expected