International Association Of Classification Societies Defines The Three Major Themes Of IACS' Future Strategy

- Apr 24, 2018-

International Association of Classification Societies defines the three major themes of IACS' future strategy
During DNV GL's tenure as IACS chairman, quality, modernization and transparency have become the three basic themes of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), this idea was announced in London by Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, IACS chairman, last week. The 2017 Annual Review of IACS has been widely reflected. slip on flange


Recalling the development and achievements of IACS in the past year, Mr. Knuth said that in this era of change, IACS and its 12 members of the Classification Society need to take action to lead the development of the shipping industry and identify other aspects to follow up. path of. Pipe fittings


IACS Chairman, Mr. Conott, said: “Many people in the maritime industry think that their business is now in a difficult situation. At this time, IACS and its membership as a leading classification society need to become modern requirements, transparent processes and the highest level of service. Quality, help set the 'beacon' of future development paths." butt welding fittings


The three themes of the IACS strategy relied on the work accomplished by the association and its member classification societies during the past year. They were elaborated in the 2017 Assessment Report, allowing IACS to prepare for the many challenges ahead.


For IACS and its members, the focus of work in 2017 includes reaching full compliance with the International Maritime Organization Goal Based Standards, continuing to participate in the industry-wide cyber security and automation agenda, and launching new Membership criteria.


In commenting on the publication of the 2017 Assessment Report, Mr. Konout stated: “2017 is an important year in which key players in the maritime community have to seriously deal with the structure of the market, regulatory and technical aspects. However, I am very honored to say that IACS and its member societies can respond to this challenge with the work of 2017: we have made remarkable progress in modernizing the concept of a ship and adapting to the digital transformation of our industry. At IACS, we work hard to ensure that our own standards support innovative practices, take advantage of the flexibility already existing in the field of ship regulatory regulations while maintaining high quality and fulfilling our ongoing commitment to improving the safety of the maritime community. The report provides proof of these efforts and ensures that IACS and its members continue to provide the highest quality ship-level services to the maritime industry in an open and transparent manner, providing a roadmap." weld neck flange


IACS Secretary-General Robert Ashdown added: "At the time that the maritime industry faces complex and conflicting needs, IACS continues to lead the industry, responding to new and unfamiliar technologies with a familiar technology assurance process. The challenges that come up. Our 2017 Assessment Report shows what IACS Association members have done in this area, while emphasizing our continued commitment to high quality operations and the use of ship class data in a more transparent manner. Take action."