Indonesia Sent A Hospital Ship To Pick Up The Indonesian Crew Of World Dream For Quarantine Observation

- Feb 28, 2020-

            The Indonesian government has sent a hospital ship, the kri Dr soeharso, to transport 188 Indonesian crew members working on the world dream to the Kuril Islands for quarantine observation.            Novel coronavirus KRI Dr Soeharso has been departed from Surabaya, East Java province on the morning of February, and is going to the Liao river islands and Dan sea. It will be anchored on the forenoon cruise ship of the world dream. 188 Indonesian citizens will be quarantined for two weeks on the Sebaru island of the Thousand Island Islands to observe and ensure that they do not have any new cov infection. The 23 Soeharso quarantine is a good example.            On February 24, muhadjir effendy, Minister of human development and cultural coordination of Indonesia, said that 188 Indonesian citizens of the "world dream" will arrive on the island of sebalu on February 26. He explained that as an uninhabited island, sabaru has quite good facilities and is suitable for isolation and Quarantine of Indonesian citizens.            A novel coronavirus issued by Yokohama, Japan, has been awarded 188 Indonesian citizens using the "KRI Dr Soeharso". It is confirmed that it is safe and feasible. Once the new coronavirus is diagnosed, the patient will receive the corresponding treatment.            It is understood that the original name of the "kri Dr soeharso" was "kri tanjungdalpele", which was originally a warship of the Indonesian navy. In 2007, the ship was changed to a hospital ship, and its name was also changed to "kri Dr soeharso". With a length of 122 meters, a width of 22 meters and a draught of 6.7 meters, it can carry 75 crew members and 65 medical staff, and can accommodate up to 40 patients.