In 2018, The Delivery Of Very Large Container Ships Will Reach A Record

- Jan 16, 2018-

1.5 million TEU container ships are delivered and half of them are very large container ships. Record deliveries in 2018 will put a huge pressure on the container shipping market and delay delivery or will be the norm.


In a recent weekly, Alphaliner predicted that the delivery of very large container ships in 2018 is expected to create a new record as only 10 very large container ships were delivered in January alone, including seven 19,000-21,000 TEU super-large container ships and 3 14000TEU super large container ships. glenflange


Alphaliner said record delivery in 2018 was still taking place with some ship owners delaying delivery. Alphaliner said COSCO Shipping will postpone the delivery of 10 very large container ships by 2018. Yangming Shipping will postpone the delivery of three 14,000 TEU container ships by 2019.


Although some very large container ships are delayed in delivery, about 1.5 million TEU container ships are expected to be delivered by 2018, of which over 50% are very large container ships.


According to Alphaliner, "Most of the container ships are scheduled to be delivered in the first half of this year and more than 1.2 million TEU container ships will be delivered by June 2010. The surge in deliveries of container ships and the slowdown of dismantling of old container ships will The shipping market caused further pressure.


According to Alphaliner, new container ship orders increased by 139.5% to 671641TEU in 2017 compared to 280480TEU in 2016, while a total of 160 container ships were delivered for 2017 with a total capacity of approximately 1.19 million TEU , The delivery volume of container ships greatly exceeded the annual new ship orders. Compared with the total deliveries of 146 container ships in 2016, compared with 944485TEU, the delivery of container ships in 2017 increased by 26.6%.glenflange


Alphaliner estimates that overall, the global container fleet capacity will increase by 5.6% in 2018 to reach 22.8 million TEU