IHC Will Create A New Mud Pump For Jan De Nul

- Apr 08, 2018-

Recently, IHC signed a contract with Jan De Nul Group to create a new dredging mud pump.


It is understood that the contract includes two double-walled dredge pumps for use on the new 18,000 square-mile suction boat and single-walled dredge pumps for the other two 6000 square suction boats. Pumps).flanges


IHC CEO Dave Vander Heyde stated: "We are very pleased to receive a new order from the Jan De Nul Group. In the past 20 years, the Jan De Nul Group has continuously expanded its trailing suction dredging fleet. Most of these ships are equipped with The mud pump from IHC." slip on flange


The new pump power on the 18,000-square-inch suction boat will reach 7000 kilowatts each, and at the same time, it can release up to 33 bar pressure. EN1092-1 FLANGE


The new pump power on the 6,000-sigma suction boat is 4000 kW and the discharge pressure is 11 bar.

In addition, two double wall pumps will be equipped with IHC's latest Curve technology. This technology ensures that the pump has excellent performance and can extend the life of the product.