Humberth's 10,000-tank Ship Collides With 3 Ferries And The Ferry Is Severely Damaged

- May 09, 2018-

At about 20:30 in the evening of May 6, the container ship "SANTOS EXPRESS" of Germany's Hapag-Lloyd, when travelling to Santos, Brazil, collided with three ferries lining the port of Guatúja, causing serious damage to the ferry. welding overlay flange


At the time of the accident, the ferries "FB-18" and "FB-19" were idle, and the ferry "FB-28" had just ended its voyage and was unloading the car. The current "SANTOS EXPRESS" is still continuing its journey to the destination port of the DP World Santos. Due to the large size and inertia of the ship, it was unavoidable to hit the ferry when a collision accident occurred. Although the vessel is currently assisting the port by tugboat, the reason why the vessel deviates from the navigation channel remains unclear. piping spool


It is understood that "SANTOS EXPRESS" is a 10,818 TEU container ship built in 2017.