Hui Yang Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. Today In Order To Build Two Bulk Carriers

- Jan 26, 2018-

It is reported that Taiwan's Hui Yang Ocean Shipping recently in Japan's Imabari shipbuilding ordered two 37,800 DWT bulk carriers, each ship up to 24.5 million US dollars, the total value of about 49 million US dollars. The delivery date of the new ship has not been announced


At the end of last year, Hui Yang Shipping set up two 61,000 DWT bulk carriers at Kawasaki Heavy Industries and purchased a 63,700 DWT bulk carrier from Chi Jing Shipyard. glenflange


Hui Yang Shipping received two bulk carriers at the beginning of the new year, namely the 61950 DWT Amis Miracle built by Oshima and the 37600 DWT built by Imabari.


The latest addition of the vessel to Huiyang sea fleet size reached 126. According to the data of Hui Yang Marine website, there will be 4 new ships added to the fleet this year. In addition, in the Imabari shipbuilding, the village name shipbuilding and Tsuneishi Shipbuilding ordered six bulk carriers will be delivered in 2019 to 2020 in turn.glenflange