Hoegh Shanghai Recorded Number Of Installed Vehicles In India

- Apr 17, 2018-

Höegh Motor Co.'s ro-ro ship “Höegh Shanghai” recently reached a milestone record in its offshore container terminal berth in Mumbai, India, and has shipped nearly 6,400 export vehicles.


According to reports, the total number of motor vehicles for one-time shipment of 6,388 vehicles comes from a number of automakers that have invested in factories in India. The export of such a large number of cars from India is a successful example of the "Made in India" strategy proposed by the Indian government. slip on flange


Karolath Gopinathan, Head of India Branch of Höegh Motor Transport, said: “Not long ago, our 'Höegh St. Petersburg' had just broken the record of loading capacity at the same terminal, and it was soon renamed 'Höegh Shanghai'. Transcendence, thanks to the trust of our customers for our services, only our achievements today."

The "Höegh Shanghai" is 228 meters long and 32.2 meters wide. It has 11 decks and a cargo capacity of 7,850 cars. pipe fittings