Highlander Expects Net Profit In 2017 Up To 116 Million Yuan

- Jan 31, 2018-

January 31, Hy-Line announced 2017 performance forecast, the company expects full-year 2017 net profit of 91 million yuan to 116 million yuan, a year earlier to 81.9835 million yuan, an increase of 11% to 41%.


The Company said that the above forecast was made based on the following reasons: The Company's operating conditions were good and its contribution to the marine business improved significantly in 2017. With the promotion and application of the Company's offshore radar monitoring network forming a demonstration effect and sustained market expansion, the Company's operating performance increased significantly . glenflange


The main reason for the performance growth is:
1. The Company's marine observation equipment, services and oceanographic information business achieved a substantial increase in internal synergy efficiency during the year, resulting in a substantial increase in the profitability of the overall business segment, representing an increase of about 60% over the previous year.

2. The performance of the Company's series of radar products continued to improve and was recognized by customers. At the same time, the promotion and application of the offshore radar monitoring network formed a demonstration effect. The market layout has covered important coastal areas in China, including Shandong, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and Hainan Key marine economy provinces, the pace of construction accelerated during the year, increased market share, the company's operating results have a positive impact;

3. The net profit attributable to the parent company was affected due to the Company's shareholding in Shanghai Highland Laurel decreased from 100% to 54.38% at the end of April 2017, but the consolidated net profit of the Company increased substantially during the year.glenflange


During the reporting period, the Company estimated that the impact of non-recurring profit and loss on the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was approximately RMB16.62 million. The non-recurring profit and loss of the same period of last year was RMB18.3609 million.