Heerema Will Exit The Offshore Pipeline Market

- Apr 28, 2018-

As part of the strategic transformation, the Dutch oil and gas engineering contractor Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) will withdraw from the offshore pipeline laying market and thus fired 350 regular employees. pipe flanges


Earlier this year, HMC conducted a further review and commercial evaluation of the highly competitive and severely oversupply pipeline laying market. Based on the results of this assessment, HMC announced on April 24 that it will stop offshore pipeline activities. Affected by this, HMC will gradually lay off about 350 formal employees. All changes will depend on consultation with the relevant stakeholders. The HMC will first seek advice from the Dutch Labour Council.


After the completion of the pipe laying activities, HMC will fully focus on the core business of heavy lifting, decommissioning and renewable energy. The HMC will immediately stop the pipelaying activities but will fulfill its commitments in the ongoing projects. In addition, HMC's deep-water construction vessel "Aegir" will be converted into a fast-moving heavy-lift vessel.welding overlay flanges


The future plans of HMC will center on the transportation and installation of offshore structures, the decommissioning of platforms and the implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy. As part of its strategy of strengthening, HMC will streamline its board and management structure. During the transition period, HMC chairman Pieter Heerema will serve as the company’s de facto CEO before appointing a permanent CEO.