Hans Jensen Of Denmark Acquires ADNOX Company

- Apr 20, 2018-

The Danish Hans Jensen Lubricator Systems Company recently acquired a majority stake in Danish lubrication research and development company ADNOX to strengthen its position in the ship market.


Hans Jensen Oiler Systems is a leading multinational supplier of two-stroke marine cylinder lubrication systems. Rasmus H Jensen, CEO of Hans Jensen Lubricator Systems, said, “ADNOX has developed an exciting Technology, which has value for our customers, we see the synergy between the two parties and this acquisition will strengthen our position in the global merchant shipping market.” welding overlay


It is reported that ADNOX A/S has developed a patented catalytic converter-based system that can use ordinary diesel fuel to convert harmful nitrogen oxides formed by diesel engines into water and nitrogen. Conventional catalytic converter systems typically use urea for conversion. Since the ship itself has diesel fuel, the new system does not require additional transportation and storage of the required substances. 90 deg. elbow


The new system can be used in two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The energy consumed by diesel can also be converted into heat energy for power generation or water boiling. The new system has been approved by DNV-GL and can be used in the shipping industry. After the acquisition, early investors Chris-Invest A/S and Ole Fanøe will become joint shareholders of ADNOX A/S. pipe fittings