Hanjin Heavy Will Build Its First LPG Power VLGC

- Apr 04, 2018-

Hanjin Heavy will build its first LPG power VLGC

Hanjin Heavy Industries announced that it will build two 80,000 cubic meters of VLGC for the Belgian integrated natural gas transport company EXMAR at the Subic Shipyard in the Philippines. The two new VLGC ships will be equipped with an independent MAN B&W 6G60ME-LGIP Mk9.5 host. glenflange


It is understood that these two VLGCs can choose LPG as fuel to meet the RoHS emission regulations that the IMO will implement in 2020. The engine is scheduled to be delivered to the shipyard in December 2019. After the new vessel is delivered, it will be leased by Norwegian State Oil. rf flange


According to Bjarne Foldager, vice president and sales of MAN Diesel & Turbo, “As LPG is free from sulphur and easy to supply, people are becoming more and more interested in LPG as a fuel for ships. In gas mode, we expect the ME-LGIP engine to be only 3 % of pilot oil and 10% of the load under operation. Our ultimate expectation is that the engine does not require pilot oil to operate." b16.9 elbow


It is reported that when the LPG is used as fuel for the ME-LGIP engine, carbon dioxide is reduced by about 10% and particulate matter is reduced by about 90%.


Therefore, LPG can enter the ranks of liquid environmental fuels to provide power for dual-fuel engines. Compared with other types of engines, the price of ME-LGIP engines on commercial ships is extremely competitive. en1092-1 flange


Due to the increasingly stringent emission regulations, many operators have called for MAN Diesel & Turbo to develop LPG fuel engines that can provide incentives for some LPG ship operators in the most feasible, convenient, and economical way.