Guangxin Offshore Ships Domestic First Fruit Juice Carrier

- Mar 13, 2018-

At 9:00 am on March 12th,

Guangxin Haigong officially delivered the first domestic fruit juice transporter "JUICE EXPRESS" built by Seatrade, the world's largest professional reefer transporter. glenflange


It is reported that this vessel is the first fruit juice carrier built by a domestic shipyard and is also the second in Asia. It has successfully filled the gaps in the country and reached the level of similar European ships, and has comprehensive advantages in terms of construction cycle, price, and quality. Captain 99.9 meters, width 15.4 meters, depth 8.75 meters, load 4364 tons, speed above 11 knots, equipped with 2 cargo tanks and 12 independent tanks. The biggest highlight of the ship is the use of insulated stainless steel cargo tanks to ensure that it is not contaminated with bacteria. It is also equipped with an independent cooling system to keep the tanks at a low temperature of -10°C. The price of the ship is about 19 million US dollars (about 120 million yuan), classed into the French Classification Society (BV).


According to reports, five new ships built by Guangxin Haigong for Seatrade are under construction. Mr. Ai Hu, Secretary of the Guangxin Marine Party Committee and general manager, introduced Guangxin Marine Engineering to serve the marine industry, build various types of working platforms and marine transportation vessels. Guangxin Haigong has been trying to explore and build more types of vessels. The juice vessel is the first fruit juice transport special vessel built in China. It has the characteristics of high technical level, energy conservation and environmental protection. Guangxin Marine is the first fruit juice vessel in China to be built. The company marks the actual effect of the company's expansion into the special transportation market. This is also the direction of future transformation and upgrading.glenflange