GTT Completes New LNG Fuel Tank Technology Test

- Mar 13, 2018-

The LNG Brick, a new technology developed by GTT, a specialist in French LNG containment systems, has already completed its testing phase.


It is reported that this new solution includes a Mark III membrane system that will be installed as a modular system in the ship's structure. LNG Brick offers LNG fuel tanks with a capacity of 1,000-3,000 cubic meters. This tank can be built outside the shipyard and integrated into LNG power boats after completion.


With the ability to maintain higher pressure than conventional membrane fuel tanks, this new technology also makes it easier to manage small amounts of evaporation.


GTT has commissioned Dongsung FineTec, a professional manufacturer of insulation panels in Korea, to provide support for the company's prototype technology.


After a series of tests at low temperatures, the new system was demonstrated to have satisfactory performance. According to Philippe Berterottière, chairman and chief executive officer of GTT, “according to the current economic environment and LNG price level, we seem to satisfy our customers with the right answers.”