Greek Shipowner Accused Trump Of Launching A Trade War

- Mar 21, 2018-

Recently, President Trump announced that the United States will impose a tariff of 25% on steel and impose a 10% tariff on aluminum. The chairman of the Greek Shipowners Association (UGS) Theodoros Veniamis expressed deep concern and accused the United States of President Trump launched a "trade war" and called on the EU to give better support to shipping at the political level.glenflange


Theodoros Veniamis said that the shipping industry has consistently opposed protectionist policies that undermine free trade and have a negative impact on the shipping industry. If the EU wants to remain competitive in the shipping industry, it must formulate policies that take into account intense international competition.


He pointed out that at the political level, shipping has not received enough support. He urged the EU to learn how Greece supports the development of its shipping industry, and stressed that Greece's shipping industry is considered by the political forces to be state capital. He also mentioned that Greek shipowners continue to work hard to maintain their leading position in global shipping, and pointed out that the shipping industry is the locomotive of global economy and trade.glenflange


He said that each country should pay attention to the planning and implementation of measures to further develop the shipping industry and must pay attention to the existing legal framework. The development of the shipping industry will enable a country to have a strategic advantage in terms of trade, employment increase, and further expansion of the national economy.


Greece’s voice to European shipowners as a whole responded to President Trump’s decision to impose additional import duties.


In addition, Martin Dorsman, Secretary-General of the European Community Shipowners Association (ECSA), stated that Trump’s announcement that import tariffs of 25% and 10% on imported steel and aluminum will have a negative impact on Atlantic relations and the global market.