GoodBulk Receives A Capesize Bulk Carrier

- Jan 19, 2018-

GoodBulk, the owner and operator, announced that it has received a "Aquabridge" cape, a Capesize bulk carrier built in 2005.


It is learned that the "Aquabridge" wheel by the Japanese village name shipyard construction, has now obtained a lease, the lease term will expire in the third quarter of 2018.


The company said the 177106 DWT it received was the second of the six Capesize bulk carriers it acquired on December 20, The six bulk carriers were acquired by the company from CarVal Investors.glenflange


GoodBulk said it will finance the sale of 180,542 new ordinary shares in cash, available funds under existing credit lines and funds managed by CarVal Investors. After issuing shares to CarVal Investors, the company will own 1,764,4083 ordinary shares.


Including the "Aquabridge" round, GoodBulk currently operates a total of 13 Capesize bulk carriers, one Panamax bulk carrier and two over-age bulk carriers in the spot market. In addition, the company also expects to receive nine Capesize bulk carriers in the first quarter of 2018.