GE Power Management System Ships With Maersk Line Super-large Tanker

- Feb 28, 2018-

It is reported that GE Ship Solutions has delivered power output / input (PTO / PTI) solutions and digital power management system software to the four largest container ships in Maersk Line. glenflange


According to reports, the four large container ships were "Madrid Maersk", "Munich Maersk", "Moscow Maersk" and "Milan Maersk". GE's power output / input options include two GE motor-generator sets that will be mounted on two propeller shafts for connection to GE MV7000 drives.


Bruno Daubas, president of the GE Ship Solutions project, said: "In general, a diesel engine can consume 8 tons of fuel per hour, saving even a single percent of fuel on customers."glenflange


GE Ship Solutions will also provide digital software - a power management system to automate ships. The software is connected to all the generator units on board and based on the speed it will optimize fuel usage.


The "Madrid Maersk" was delivered by Daewoo Shipbuilding in April 2017, followed by a successful sea trial with the "Munich Maersk" and the "Moscow Maersk", which will also be commissioned soon. These four vessels are part of the EEE Mark II of 11 second-generation super large container ships of Maersk, each with a capacity of 20,568 TEU and the largest container vessel in the world in TEU.