Free Choice Of Materials

- Aug 29, 2017-

Free choice of materials

During the entire project we coordinate our services with your wishes.

Our manufacturing programme covers a broad spectrum of high-quality materials for

specific, corrosive applications:

•Austenitic steels

•Clad steels

•Highly corrosion-resistant steels

•Austenitic-ferritic steels (e. g. duplex, superduplex)

•Heat-resistant steels

•Titanium and titanium alloys

•Non-magnetizable steels

The choice of a suitable material is done through an intensive dialogue with you as the

user, as early as the planning and construction stage. At this stage we also support you

with the engineering. During this joint development stage, additional potential savings may

be developed.

And so we carry out your wishes at any time: flexibly, efficiently and cost-effectively.