Fincantieri Received Orders For Up To 3 Luxury Adventure Mail Ships From Ponant

- Nov 28, 2019-

Fincantieri, an Italian shipping company, and pont cruises, a French mail carrier, recently signed a Memorandum (MOA) to design and build 2 + 1 new generation luxury exploration mail ships, worth about 300 million euros.

The newly built pont Explorer class cruise ships will be delivered in 2022, and will operate under the brand of Paul Gauguin cruises in the South Pacific region. Paul Gauguin cruises has recently been fully acquired by Pont.

The two 11000 GT exploration ships will be built by vard, a Norwegian shipyard owned by Fincantieri. Fincantieri points out that once the technical and financial conditions are met, the contract will be finalized.

Ponant has ordered 4 ponant explorers class exploration mail ships in fincatieri, designed and delivered by vard. Vard plans to deliver two more in 2020. Vard will also deliver Le commandant Charcot in 2021, the first LNG propelled hybrid electric polar exploration mail ship.

French pont cruises is the largest cruise company in France, belonging to the world's third largest Dafei shipping group. As the only cruise company in France and the world leader in luxury exploration, ponant cruises makes "luxury" an experience.

Panglo has a fleet of modern designs. The experience accumulated in the past 10 years in the South and north poles has made panglo an expert on the routes between the two poles. A variety of unique routes, accompanied by natural and ecological experts, make panglo the largest cruise operator to explore Antarctica. Ponant cruises has its own philosophy: small cruise, unique atmosphere, delicacy and luxury, privacy and warmth. These qualities make ponant unique in the cruise market. The natural combination of nobility, refinement and elegance is the unique travel experience brought by ponant.

Paul Gauguin cruises was founded in 2010, and the former ships belonged to the Regent Seven Seas Cruises. As the largest tourism group in Tahiti, Paul Gauguin cruises is the leader of luxury tourism in French Polynesia. It is also the only six-star cruise ship in French Polynesia and South Pacific Ocean all year round.

"We are pleased to continue our historic partnership with Fincantieri," said Jean Emmanuel Sauv é e, ponant's chief executive. "Under the two new vessel contracts, we will continue to develop the Paul Gauguin cruises brand.