Fincantieri And Grimaldi Sign Cruise Modification Agreement

- Apr 11, 2018-

After signing the letter of intent on March 5th, Fincantieri and Grimaldi Group recently signed an extension contract for the "Cruise Roma" and "Cruise Barcelona".


The middle part of the two hulls will be built at the Palermo shipyard in 2018 and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2019. The two vessels were built by Fincantieri and delivered in 2007 and 2008 and are currently serviced on the Civitavica-Porto Torres-Barcelona route. Each vessel is 225 meters long and 54,000 GT. It is capable of carrying 3,000 passengers. The deck area of the car is 2,400 square meters, and the length of the heavy truck lane is 3,000 meters. welding overlay


Modifications include an additional 600m truck lane length, 80 new cabins, two new public spaces and a self-service restaurant with approximately 270 seats, placed in an extended section about 29 meters long. In addition, an important refurbishment of the existing public areas will be carried out, including the creation of a theme restaurant. Finally, ship safety equipment will be added to manage increased passenger transport capacity.


At the end of Fincantieri's leading ship refurbishment and extension project, each ship will be 254 meters long and approximately 63,000 GT. It will carry 3,500 passengers, have a 3,000 square meter car deck, and have a heavy truck lane length of more than 3,700 meters. pipe spooling


From a technical point of view, energy-saving cutting-edge solutions to reduce environmental impacts, such as the use of exhaust gas purifying scrubbers and the use of millions of lithium batteries for ship power supply systems during port rotations, will be avoided in order to avoid the use of diesel generators to achieve the goals pursued by the Grimald Group. Zero port discharge target.