Feadship Builds The Largest Super Yacht In Holland

- Feb 28, 2020-

          The "Moonrise" super yacht built by the Dutch Feadship company recently launched at the shipyard in markum, the Netherlands. According to the length of the water line, it is the largest super yacht built in the Netherlands so far.            Designed by de voogt studio, the "Moonrise" has a range of elegant details, such as a long hull window, a grey hull and a striking vertical bow. It is 99.95 meters long and 15.5 meters wide. Its volume is impressive. The yacht has 8 Suites for 16 people. The accommodation area for high-end crew members can accommodate up to 32 crew members, who can bathe in natural light. The design can ensure that people who live and work on the yacht have high-quality standards. Both guests and crew will enjoy the unusual quietness of the yacht, even exceeding the noise reduction and vibration reduction standards of Feadship.            The exterior highlights of the yacht include: the superstructure is completely covered with glass, the bow deck is equipped with a helipad, the stern is equipped with a large beach club, as well as a gym and fitness area. High ceilings dominate both outdoors and indoors, and the seamless transition between flush decks and indoors complements each other. The latter is characterized by the exquisite and simple style designed by R é Mi Tessier.            The yacht is equipped with 2 MTU engines, with a speed of 19.5 knots and a cruising speed of 16 knots. The Quantum stabilizer can ensure comfortable riding at any time.            In addition to Feadship's patented generator exhaust cleaning system, which has been installed for decades, the moonrise is equipped with exhaust gas treatment for the main engine. A heat recovery system installed on the generator can heat the Jacuzzi water in the yacht with less power. An eco certified power positioning system helps to use the most energy efficient generator in this mode.            The propeller and accessories of the yacht are also designed to ensure the lowest underwater noise level.