Evergreen Marine: Renewal Of Old Ships For Sale In Line With International Norms

- Jan 23, 2018-

Recently, The media reported that Evergreen Marine did not meet the Norwegian sovereign wealth funds by the ethical standards by the agency from the portfolio. According to the report, in the past three years, Evergreen has six old ships dismantling the coasts of Bangladesh and Pakistan. The inappropriate operation of local ship-breaking operators affects the environment and the health of workers.


In this regard, Evergreen said in a statement to International Ship Network that the report mentioned six dismantled old ships and three vessels leased by the company that had been surrendered between 2014 and 2016. Subsequent dismantling It is handled by the owner of the charter. glenflange


Regarding the handling and dismantling of the other three Evergreens owned and owned vessels, the Company adopted a prudent bidding process and selected buyers, in respect of ship recycling, are in compliance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Safe and environmentally sound recycling Convention on the operation of the principle of safe and environmentally friendly dismantling of the end of the operation of the ship.


Evergreen emphasizes: "Based on the Company's environmental philosophy, we have updated and updated the tender offer for the sale of used vessels and the sale and purchase agreement, which stipulates that the purchaser must provide the Green-Ships Recycling Plant with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Ship Recycling shipyard) 'to ensure the related operations comply with the international norms.glenflange