Ever Judger Round Or Lead To Serious Oil Spill In Indonesia

- Apr 24, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, on March 31, the Panamanian bulk carrier "Ever Judger" was likely to cause the rupture of the submarine pipeline during the voyage and caused a large-scale oil spill on the Indonesian island of Kalimantan.


According to Indonesian media reports, the preliminary results of the investigation conducted by the Indonesian Naval Hydrology Bureau, AIS data show that before the incident, the 82,000-dwt “Ever Judger” was the only ship sailing in the waters of Bali Bay. Navy admiral Harjo Susmoro, naval oceanography and hydrology, said that the anchor of the ship may have caused the rupture of the submarine pipeline. It is reported that the anchor may cause the pipeline to tow Indonesia's Pertamina, causing it to deviate about 300 feet from its location. It is reported that when the ship enters the sea area with the submarine pipeline, the anchoring of the ship is not allowed. flanges


However, the investigation has not confirmed whether it is true or not. The laboratory will also test whether the material on the anchor matches the spilled oil.


According to data from Greenpeace, the spill has spread for at least 26 kilometers and caused a large area of the coast to be covered by thick black sludge. Spills in the bay caused fire and emitted smoke, killing five people. At present Indonesia has declared a state of emergency.butt weld elbows


According to the report of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the incident affected about 34 hectares of mangrove ecosystems and caused health problems for the people in the area. Subsequently, the Indonesian national oil company communicated with local authorities on oil spill incidents.