EU Polls Tax Incentives For Polish Shipbuilding Industry

- Jan 19, 2018-

It is learned that from January 15, the EU began to investigate the tax incentives for the Polish shipbuilding industry and suspected that there was unfair competition. The EU believes that the Polish government's uniform tax rate on shipyard sales can be interpreted as operating aid, which is illegal within the European Union. GLENFLANGE


In September 2016, Poland passed a law requiring shipyards operating in Poland to choose to pay a flat rate of 1% on sales of construction and modification ships instead of paying a 19% corporate income tax or personal income tax applicable to general corporations and , The fixed tax rate can also be extended until the completion of the construction or reconstruction of the ship.


The key goal of the Polish government's economic support is to revive the country's shipbuilding industry. In this regard, the European Commission said: "The European Commission does not question the right of Poland to decide its own tax policy, but under the EU Treaty, the European Commission needs to verify whether such tax policy respect EU aid provisions, can not allow a Some companies receive better treatment than others. "glenflange