EU Countries To Develop Biogas Hybrid Power Boats

- Feb 27, 2018-

Sources from TheMotorship said that companies in Sweden, Lithuania and Germany are working together to develop a type of barge powered by liquefied biogas and electricity. After the completion of the ship, it will transport liquid cargo in the Swedish Inland Waterway.


Western Baltic Engineering, a division of Western Lithuania Shipyard, Avatar Logistics of Sweden, Marketing Association of Hamburg, Germany, and KSTP, Lithuania, participated in the project. glenflange


It is reported that the total length of the vessel is 86 meters, can load 2114 cubic meters of liquid cargo, will be completed and returned to Stockholm and Sweden's second largest city - Gothenburg.


 "The EU is highly concerned with the structural updating of inland river fleets and has devised measures that are very conducive to the construction of ships and the development of LNG and biogas distribution chains," said Andrius Sutnikas, head of development at KSTP.


It is learned that Sweden is planning to stop using diesel oil before 2050, thus opening the door to a groundbreaking and environmentally-friendly marine power solution. Liquefied biogas is made from biomethane, which comes mainly from livestock excrement, agricultural residues, municipal waste, sewage treatment plants and the like.