Dorian LPG Upgrades 10 VLGC Hosts To Dual Fuel Hosts

- May 09, 2018-

Dorian LPG recently stated that it upgraded its 10 VLGC main engines to dual-fuel engines using LPG as fuel. Dorian LPG signed a memorandum of understanding with the offshore service provider Hyundai Global Service Co., Ltd (HGS) to conduct research and preliminary engineering studies for the project. welding overlay flange


In September 2017, Dorian LPG and American Classification Society announced a joint study to evaluate the use of LPG as marine fuel to complete the IMO's efforts to achieve sulphur from January 1, 2020 onwards. Emissions reduced by approximately 85% of the mission.


Dorian LPG stated that it is feasible to use LPG as an attractive and cost-effective alternative fuel that is widely available and is intrinsically in line with IMO's environmental regulations.pipe fittings


As part of its recent new shipbuilding plan, the company proactively modified its VLGC to allow the use of LPG fuel. butt welding fittings


John Hadjipateras, chairman and chief executive officer of Dorian LPG, stated: “Our ship’s cargo is an energy source. Compared with other fuels, LPG has a full record of the environment. The dual goal of our initiative is to It is not only a responsible company but also creates a competitive advantage for customers and shareholders."

HGS added: "We are very pleased to cooperate with a first-rate organization. We have a long-term relationship with the organization. HGS and Dorian LPG are committed to technological advancement and provide alternative solutions for the global shipping industry to comply with important environmental regulations."