DNV GL Joint Development Of Marine Lithium-ion Battery

- Mar 13, 2018-

DNV GL recently launched a joint development project (JDP) aimed at improving the use of lithium-ion batteries in the shipping industry.


More than a dozen partners from the entire value chain have participated in the project, including flag states, research institutes, suppliers of batteries and power equipment, suppliers of fire detection and suppression systems, and shipowners, ship operators, and shipyards.


The joint development project brings together the stakeholders of the entire maritime industry, creating a great deal of expertise and experience from a variety of perspectives to better understand the challenges and requirements of expanding the use of batteries in the maritime sector. When the joint development project is completed, the partners hope to improve their understanding in order to optimize their products and services; at the same time, the entire industry can establish a set that can not only promote the development of the battery itself, but also advance the relevant systems, procedures and approval processes. Views. The joint development project was officially launched at the end of 2017, and the major tasks were also determined. The joint development project will carry out promotional activities in 2019.


Develop and evaluate safety models based on previous knowledge; conduct lithium ion battery risk assessments; develop battery safety testing procedures; develop and improve battery safety simulation and analysis tools; project management, advocacy, requirements, and rules input.


This collaborative and forward-thinking effort reflects the technical leadership of organizations like DNV GL and new ways to develop key technical requirements. Through global R&D and advancing maritime advisory services, DNV GL will continue to improve its technical understanding, enabling it to conceive and implement such efforts in order to proactively resolve key technical issues and formulate industries that can guide and assist the industry rather than slow down. rule.


The project partners include the Norwegian Maritime Bureau, the Danish Maritime Bureau, the Norwegian Defense Science Research Centre, the offshore battery system supplier Corvus Energy, the offshore battery system supplier Plan B (PBES), the lithium ion fire protection system supplier FIFI4 MARINE, and batteries. Nexceris, developer of off-gas sensor technology, Rolls Royce Marine AS, a supplier of propulsion and system technology, ABB, a supplier of propulsion and system technology, Stena and ferry shipowners Stena and Scandlines, Damen Shipyards, and DNV GL.