DNV GL And MSC Software To Improve R & D Efficiency Of Marine Engineering

- Feb 28, 2020-

MSC software, a global leader in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation software, has recently entered into a strategic partnership with DNV GL classification society. It will use DNV GL for SESAM design and simulation software in the field of ship and marine engineering to improve the working efficiency of engineers.           

 MSc and DNV GL work together to link the workflow of SESAM with MSC apex, so that users of SESAM can simplify the design process to improve work efficiency. Under this cooperation framework, DNV GL will sell MSc apex as a conversion platform from CAD to CAE, which allows customers to reduce the existing design and verification time by as much as several weeks.            

There are many kinds of CAD tools involved in the development of ship and offshore floating structure. Before strength evaluation, the data generated may need a lot of manual conversion and correction. With MSC apex, the complete structure can be imported directly from 2D or 3D CAD tools, such as CATIA, AutoCAD, NX, Intergraph smart 3D and other open file standards. Engineers can use context tools and scripts to quickly generate finite element models. These tools and scripts can automate the repetitive strength assessment preprocessing task in SESAM.            

Elling rishoff, head of software ecosystem at DNV GL Digital Solutions Center, said: "through cooperation with MSC, we provide users with a modern working environment that all engineers can learn from, and experienced SESAM users can significantly improve their work efficiency by using the intelligent functions in MSC apex."            

John janevic, chief operating officer of MSC software, said: "we have been working with DNV GL for many years to help customers design better floating structures by providing them with design optimization tools. Today, our strategic partnership is taking a big step forward, and MSc apex will greatly improve the productivity of SESAM from design to validation workflow. "            

MSC software is a part of hexagon's intelligent manufacturing department and one of the top ten original software companies in the world. MSc is a leader in helping product manufacturers use simulation software and services to improve their engineering methods. For more information, please visit www.mscsoftware.com. Hexagon's intelligent manufacturing division offers solutions that make manufacturing smarter using data from design, engineering, production and metrology.            

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