DMC Of Damen Was Awarded With The Order For Three Dual Fuel Dredgers From Keppel

- Mar 27, 2020-

DMC, a subsidiary of Damen Shipyard Group, recently received an order to supply three sets of steering and rudder systems for the twin fuel powered trailing suction dredger (TSHD) under construction off the coast of Keppel and maritime in Singapore.

According to the report, the ship is three twin fuel powered trailing suction dredgers (TSHD) built by Jibao for van oord, with a new length of 138 meters and a cabin capacity of 10500 cubic meters. The ship represents the latest sustainable and energy efficient dredging technology. It is reported that two of them will be delivered in 2021 and the third will be delivered in 2022.

It is understood that each ship will be equipped with two sets of van der velden commander piston steering system and two van der velden master rudders with fishtail design ball noses.

With its internal cylinder design, the commander piston type ensures reliability and high quality, and has a wide range of options in the connection of the rudder stock, rudder angle and cylinder. This makes the installation process efficient and reduces the space required.

Master rudder provides high maneuverability, with a specially designed, high-performance, fishtail profile, which can be optimized to adapt to a wide range of ships. In addition, the rudder is very suitable for ships operating in shallow water because it does not need movable parts. The rudder area of the three dredgers supplied to van oord company is about 14 square meters, and they are classified into Bureau Veritas, with a speed of 15 knots and a torque of 270knm.

As the rudder angle is up to 65 degrees, master rudder can also provide high lift, and its fishtail design can be optimized according to the ship use. Each rudder will use a rudder ball nose to improve the wake field of the propeller, thus saving energy and reducing fuel consumption, as well as increasing the thrust at higher load.