Diana Wins A Newcastle Bulk Carrier Lease

- May 16, 2018-

Diana Shipping, the owner of a bulk cargo ship in Greece, announced that it has signed a time charter agreement with Singapore-based Koch Shipping for a Newcastle bulk carrier. weld overlay flange


The company said that according to the agreement, the "San Francisco" wheel carrier (built in 2017) of its 208,006 DWT bulk carrier will receive a 10- to 12-month time chartered agreement with a daily rental of $24,000 and the lease period will be May 13 takes effect. weld overlay fittings


Diana Shipping said it expects the ship to receive $6.96 million in revenue during the lease. piping spool


It is understood that the “San Francisco” ship has currently been awarded a lease by Koch Shipping, with a daily rental of US$11,750. flanges