Diamond Princess Completed The Whole Ship Disinfection Plan And Resumed Operation In Mid May

- Mar 27, 2020-

After completing the disinfection of the whole ship, the princess cruise ship "Diamond Princess" finally left the Dahei wharf of Yokohama port and will go to Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Benmu factory for repair. It is expected that it will start from Kobe port in mid May and resume normal passenger carrying operation.

Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus arrived in Yokohama port in February 3rd. 3711 passengers and crew members were isolated from the ship for 14 days. Eventually, 712 people were diagnosed with new coronavirus, 10 died, and once became the most serious group of coronavirus infection outside China.

On March 1, the last passengers and crew of the Diamond Princess got off the ship. After clearing all personnel, the cruise ship continued to dock in Yokohama port. Belfor company, which was responsible for the post earthquake recovery of East Japan, was responsible for the disinfection and cleaning of the cabin interior.

On March 25, the "Diamond Princess" obtained the quarantine certificate issued by Yokohama quarantine office, and finally was able to anchor and leave Dahei wharf. In the afternoon of the same day, the cruise ship went to Benmu factory of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry in Yokohama City, 5 kilometers away. It is planned to stay in Benmu factory until May to carry out on-board maintenance and repair and replacement of necessary materials.

"Diamond Princess" disinfection work is huge. It is understood that as a 115875 ton luxury cruise ship, "Diamond Princess" is like a giant hotel and resort floating on the sea, which needs to be cleaned and disinfected in many places, including the full replacement of all towels in the cabin (including towels, face towels, bath towels), bed sheets, mattress covers, mattresses, pillows, duvets, shower curtains, carpets, curtains and rooms Internal display; all corridors and railings, handle room service storage room and general service area; kitchen, storage room, tableware, catering area, entertainment area; public facilities area (including store, spa and salon, fitness center, etc.), motor room, staff cabin, deck and railings, handle and medical center.