DHT Holdings Achieves 13 VLCC Refinancing Agreements

- Apr 27, 2018-

Crude ship owner and operator DHT Holdings has announced that it has signed a secured credit agreement valued at US$485 million to refinance the company's 13 VLCCs. pipe spooling


It is reported that this new credit term is provided by ABN AMRO Bank, Nordic Union Bank, Credit Agricole France, DNB Bank, ING Bank, Danish Ship Finance Bank, SEB Bank, DVB Bank and Swedish Bank.


DHT Holdings stated that the re-financed vessels were "Sundarbans", "Taiga", "Redwood", "Hawk", "China", "Falcon", "Condor", and "Leopard." Wheel, Lion Wheel, Panther Wheel, Puma Wheel, Mustang Wheel, and Bronco Wheel.pipe flanges


In addition, DHT has reached an agreement with the Bank of Holland to increase the company's revolving credit facility from the current $43.4 million to $57 million. Revolving credit has not yet been withdrawn. slip on flange


Regarding the refinancing agreement, the company’s co-CEOs Svein Moxnes Harfjeld and Trygve P. Munthe stated that the money received will be focused on strengthening the company’s cash surplus. The credit extended the maturity date of refinancing credits to the second quarter of 2024 and strengthened DHT Holdings’ cash flow.