Development Of Fsru Environmental Protection Technology By Cooperation Between Mitsui And Dayu Shipbuilding

- Mar 27, 2020-

On February 20, Mitsui, a Japanese merchant ship, and Daewoo Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. of South Korea reached an agreement to jointly develop and apply environmental protection technology to LNG floating storage and regasification unit (fsru).

The two companies are developing a technology called "cryo powered regas", which uses organic Rankine cycle in the regasification process of fsru, uses low boiling organic matter as working fluid to convert heat energy into work, and uses LNG cold energy discharged into seawater in the past as power generation energy. It is expected that this technology will greatly reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of fsru.

Mitsui and Daewoo plan to test the "cryo powered regas" technology in small pilot facilities this year, and provide customers with this safe and environmental protection technology in future fsru projects.

Mitsui attaches great importance to the development of environmental protection and non emission business, and takes active measures to enhance the environmental compatibility of its services. The cooperation project with Daewoo shipbuilding is one of the cases. "Due to the flexibility and mobility of the LNG and power supply chain, the floating storage and regasification solution has attracted attention," said Mitsui, a merchant ship. "Csmitsui will develop floating storage and regasification facilities and related services to meet customers' diversified energy procurement and sustainable development goals."