Demand For Low Sulfur Oil Further Increased, And The Price Difference Doubled In Two Weeks

- Feb 28, 2020-

            Data released by S & P global Platts on Monday showed that as supply increased, more and more buyers tended to buy LSFO (low sulfur marine fuel oil).            Last week, the price difference between lsmgo (low sulfur marine light diesel) and LSFO delivered in Singapore doubled from $4.60/ton in the week of February 1-7 to $10 / ton.            After IMO 2020 came into effect on January 1, due to the tight supply of LSFO and limited supply of barges, shipowners hoarded LSFO, resulting in the price difference between the two types of fuel oil narrowing in January. Many shipowners have turned to lsmgo because lsmgo is usually more expensive than LSFO, and the reduced price gap makes it an alternative fuel. Some shipowners said, "last December, lsmgo had to be hoarded because LSFO was in short supply."            Affected by this, lsmgo sales in January rose 94.3% year-on-year to a record 445900 tons, according to the maritime and port authority of Singapore. The sales volume of LSFO is 211000 tons. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, China's demand for seasonal decline, and the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the transport industry, the supply of LSFO increased continuously, resulting in a sharp fall in the price of the month, and caused the LSMGO price to fall synchronously. This is also the case in February.            Last Friday, the price of the 0.5% sulfur LSFO delivered by Singapore was about $495 / ton, down $245 / ton or 33% from the record $740 / ton on January 6.            On the same day, the price of 0.1% sulfur lsmgo delivered by Singapore was 505 US dollars / ton, a decrease of 240 US dollars / ton or 33.2% compared with the highest record of 745 US dollars / ton.            Some fuel oil suppliers pointed out that "at present, the marine fuel oil market is weak, and shipowners tend to buy LSFO." One shipowner confirmed his judgment: "even if the price is almost the same, I will choose LSFO because it is more efficient."