Dashang Group Builds The First System Of 325000 Tons VLOC Sea Trial For SK Sea Transportation

- Mar 13, 2020-

On March 12, the large ship group affiliated to China Shipping Group built the first 325000 tons of mineral sand ship No. 8 for SK sea transportation to anchor for trial voyage!

The VLOC is the new generation of VLOC built for South Korean shipowners for the first time. It is 340 meters long, 62 meters wide, 29.5 meters deep, with an estimated average speed of 15.1 knots and a endurance of 25500 nautical miles. The deck area of the ship is equivalent to three standard football fields, and the superstructure is 17 stories high. The ship has been upgraded in terms of subdivision, structure, propulsion, monitoring and loading. The ballast system of the whole ship is made of FRP, Equipped with exhaust sulfur oxide washing device and LNG fuel reserved cabin for future demand, "environmental protection, energy saving, safety and firmness", with outstanding highlights and overall performance reaching the world's leading level. It is planned to be delivered to shipowners for operation in late April.

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the key production nodes of the ship's mooring commissioning at the wharf were in the period of epidemic prevention and control. The cadres and Party members of the production department sink into the front line, rely on the front command and on-site coordination, and the design department responds quickly and cooperates actively to ensure the steady progress of production. Affected by the epidemic situation, the service engineers of some equipment manufacturers can not come to the factory for debugging. The relevant units take the initiative to meet the difficulties, actively communicate with the service providers through telephone wechat, learn while doing, and independently complete the test and acceptance work of liquid level system, shaft wear system, etc. Before the trial, the project team formulated the work plan and emergency plan for joint prevention and control of epidemic situation in ship trial, detailed measures, clear responsibilities, implemented materials and responsibilities to people, strictly implemented all epidemic prevention and control measures, ensured the health and safety of all members of the trial team, and laid a solid foundation for the smooth start of the trial.