Damen Oranjewerf Shipyard To Complete A Cement Carrier Maintenance Upgrades

- Jan 18, 2018-

After a complete maintenance and upgrading project for cement transportation capacity, a cement carrier (trading as a shipyard) recently departed from the Drann Oranjewerf shipyard.


It is learned that the maintenance and upgrading of the cement carrier is the owner of Cebo Marine's "Lelie C" number, maintenance and upgrade operations for a period of 3 weeks, including a comprehensive investigation of the ship and a series of maintenance and repair, so that The ship can also operate reliably for many years.


Jeen van der Werf, Commercial Manager of the Oranjewerf shipyard in Damen, said: "This is a big project and we installed the original fuel tank for a ship of the same customer 2 years ago and now we do the same again The job, but the range is bigger. " Glenflange


The earliest "Lelie C" was a general purpose cargo ship, later converted into a cement carrier. The upgrade has installed a total of eight new cement storage tanks, a single capacity of 40 square meters. These new cement storage tanks were formerly installed on the "VOS Symphony" ship, which is also a regular for the Oranjewerf shipyard in Damen and was later disassembled to dismantle the cement storage tanks on board.