Damen Delivered AOS SWIFT For Fast Personnel Carrier

- Apr 24, 2018-

Damen delivered the FCS2610 "AOS SWIFT" to the Atlantic Maritime Group (U.A.E.). Thanks to Damen's unique "standardization" and "stock vessel" construction concept and model, the smooth delivery of this order from signing to final delivery took only less than three months. This type of ship is suitable for offshore wind power operation and operation support of oil and gas platforms.butt welding fittings


This is the first vessel of the Damen Shipyard Group to be used for the rapid transportation of people in the Middle East and the transfer of industrial personnel, materials and equipment. Currently. The vessel was chartered to a Norwegian oil and gas company to serve the offshore unmanned oil and gas platform in the Hormuz Strait between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.


The subtropical strait of Hormuz is a tropical desert climate. It is hot and dry all year round, and the wind and waves are calm. The average annual surface water temperature is 26.6°C. The widest point is 97km, the narrowest point is 55km, and the average depth is 70m. The shallowest point is 10.5 meters, and the deepest point is 219 meters.welding overlay flange