Dalian COSCO Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Sunshine Songshou Regains A Long Lease

- Apr 04, 2018-

Recently, it was reported from the Brazilian National Oil Company that the first FPSO project of the COSCO Dalian CO., Ltd. refitted the "Sunshine Matsushita" wheel, which performed well in the previous service period, and won another six-year long lease. The ship owner company is MODEC, and the end-user is Brazil National Petroleum Corporation. It has successfully served in the Marlim Leste oil field in Brazil for nine years. After obtaining this contract, the round will continue to serve in the Marlim Leste field until March 2024. glenflange


In March 2007, COSCO Dalian Heavy Machinery signed a FPCC conversion contract with MODEC, a world-renowned offshore engineering equipment operator, for VLCC "Sun Shensong Shou". The main projects included 6500 tons of steel structure, 200,000 square meters of special coating, and 30,000 meters of pipeline exchange. New and 270,000 meters of cable was laid, and the amount of the contract was the largest domestic ship modification project at that time. In November 2008, the ship was completed and delivered. While the ship was in the factory, COSCO Dalian completed a total of 12 modules including hull modification, torch towers, helicopter platforms, and some other production modules. After the completion of the conversion, the ship was the largest tonnage FPSO in the world with the largest tonnage in the world. Its operating water depth was 2500 meters and its oil storage capacity was 1.6 million barrels. With 100,000 barrels, the daily gas processing capacity is as high as 3.5 million cubic meters. The main parameters are among the highest in the world. The review of "China Ship" appraisal of the delivery of "Sun Shenshou" indicates that China's shipbuilding industry has entered a new stage in its revision of the ship loading history.rf flange


In February 2009, ships were officially put into operation in Brazil and hundreds of millions of barrels of crude oil have been successfully processed and sold. This has won huge economic benefits for the owner company MODEC and the end-user Petrobras, which has effectively promoted MODEC, Petrobras and Dalian COSCO Heavy Industry continued to deepen cooperation.rtj flange