Dafoe Build Start-up Business Incubator Base Ze Box

- Feb 01, 2018-

January 30, CMA CGM Group released news that it will create a start-up business incubator Ze Box. Located in Marseille, France, with a total area of 800 square meters, the base will start in June this year with start-ups from all over the world to promote their potential. It is reported that the application will begin soon.glenflange


CMA said Ze Box will be an important part of the Group's innovative strategy to create digital businesses that drive growth. This will accelerate and further consolidate a series of digital initiatives that have been implemented in the past few months. These include the appointment of Chief Digital Officers worldwide, Le Carburateur, a small business incubator in the northern region of Marseille, to five innovative companies engaged in maritime transport and logistics transport, and digital innovators Partnering with Aix-Marseille French Tech; Working with Inn Camp, the Camp to bring together large enterprises, startups, teachers and researchers; Working with IT giant Infosys to accelerate information System upgrade; and Alibaba and other large e-commerce companies and other cooperation.welding overlay


It is reported that this innovative incubation base, with the Aix-Marseilles University (Aix-Marseilles University) and Aix-Marseille Provence Métropole's strong support. Ze Box will make full use of the professional resources and related researcher and doctoral candidate resources owned by Dartfar to be the center of communication for start-ups and advocate entrepreneurial innovation. CMA indicated that it hopes to build a digital ecology and create disruptive and innovative products and services so as to enhance the Group's leading role in the economic development of the region.pipe spooling


Rodolphe Saadé, CAC Chairman and CEO, said: "Building Ze Box is to further accelerate the digitalization strategy and to be an innovative leader in the transportation industry. By bringing our expertise Ability to integrate with the resources of a start-up coming to Ze Box, we will develop globally innovative products and services that create new value for our customers and for Deltafund itself. "Ze Box will incorporate the best start-ups in the world into Marseille, France, which also reflects our strong determination to contribute to the regional economy. "