Daewoo Shipbuilding Select NAPA Steel Software To Improve Ship Design Processes

- Feb 12, 2018-

NAPA, a leading provider of marine software, services and data analysis, recently announced that South Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding has selected NAPA Steel, a 3D structural design system, to optimize its design process.


It is reported that Daewoo Shipbuilding chose NAPA Steel software, because the software has a transformative effect in the ship design process, after a wide range of benchmarking of multiple suppliers. Daewoo Shipbuilding uses the software for the initial design phase (often rapidly changing designs) and the detail design phase (reliability and usability are paramount). NAPA Steel software is uniquely adaptable to adapt to changes in the hull structure design process and transform from 2D to 3D models.


NAPA Steel software is light weight enough to handle rapid design changes while providing detailed and accurate results for each design stage. Its consistency principle, extensive field coverage and sophisticated user experience make the model of this tool widely available for increased efficiency and reliability. Because of this, NAPA Steel software has a solid track record in the design of complex marine structures such as tankers.


Because NAPA Steel software seamlessly integrates with most classification software, shipbuilders and structural designers can use the same models for a variety of classification rules, such as planning approval drawings, finite element models Build stage and weight calculation phase, which means you can greatly reduce design time.

KW Sohn, Head of Shipbuilding Operations at Daewoo, said, "NAPA Steel demonstrated the performance beyond our expectations, not the minimum requirements." NAPA Steel software will provide our designers with the speed, usability and confidence to stay ahead "